DSCN3044 Kankumbi school programme, 4-01-2014 IMG_4883 participate for the cleaning drive rat snake Viewpoint4 DSC_1066 Untitled
  • FANTASTIC FLYTRAP (Ceropegia fantastica) photographed at Pissurlem village

    FANTASTIC FLYTRAP Ceropegia fantastica
    Flower: 2.5 cm long.
    Distribution: Western Ghats (Karnataka, Goa).
    Habit: An extremely rare, endemic twiner of the Western Ghats prefers open semi-evergreen forests. The extra long calyx is its unmistakable characteristic. It is one of the most endangered among Indian plants.
    Miscellaneous: Caterpillars of Striped Tiger and Glassy Tiger butterflies feed on the plant.
    Flowering: August-September

  • VEAB programme at Mauli High School, Kankumbi-Karnataka.

  • Rescued KingKobra

    For details, please find at report section (Home page down)

  • Cleaning drive at Hivre waterfall, Sattari-Goa on 22nd September 2013

  • Rat snake(NonVenomous)

  • Monsoon view ChorlaGhat

  • VEAB’s Snake Awareness Programme

  • Trek to Paikacho Sada, Surla

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